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منتدى النسيج العربي | عربي تكس - رائد عيسى
أهلا وسهلا بك إلى منتدى النسيج العربي | عربي تكس.
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  • رائد عيسى

    C.V. Resume
    Raed Fawzi Issa

    :Personal information
    Name: Raed Fawzi Issa
    Date of birth: 18/10/1973
    Gender: Male
    Religion: Islam
    Nationality: Jordanian
    Address: Amman Jordan
    Telephone: Mobile: 0799911581
    E-Mail: raed20097@yahoo.com

    Educational information
    Height school: certification general secondary (Tawjehe)
    Specialization: carpentry and decor
    Year: 1993
    Grade: 85.6%
    College: Amman University College (polytechnic)
    Specialization: Interior Design
    Year: 1995
    Grade: 73%

    Establishment :delta company for industrial carpets
    Location: Amman
    Duration: 1/7/2007 up to date
    Position: Production and Designer manager
    Main duties
    Production manager and design
    Public relations
    Follow-up customers
    Purchase of raw materials
    Monitor the quality
    Business correspondence
    Creation of new varieties
    Follow-up malfunction mechanic, electricity and repair as much as possible
    Knowledge electronic

    Establishment: industrial supplies bureau (lincolin electric)
    Location: Amman
    Duration: 30/3/2007 – 30/6/2007
    Position: Director of Domestic Sales
    Main duties
    Data entry
    Knowledge of welding wire and machines

    Establishment: Pearl Gallery Computer Services and Internet
    Location: Amman
    Duration: 1/12/2006 - 30/3/2007
    Position: Owner of the company
    Main duties
    Sale and maintenance of Computer Software and Hard ware
    Maintenance of networks
    Work for companies
    Sale and maintenance of mobile

    Establishment : Pyramid Carpet Factory
    Location: Turkey
    Duration: 14/2/2006 – 16/11/2006
    Position: Production Assistant
    Main duties
    Assistant production designer
    Monitor the quality
    Public relations

    Establishment :raed for design carpets and weaving
    Location: syria
    Duration: 10/6/2005 - 30/1/2006
    Position: Design manager
    Main duties
    Owner of the company
    Design of the carpet factories of all Syrian
    Design of the cloth and curtains
    Planning and program development machines crm & crt

    Establishment: orient eyes for carpets & rugs
    Location: amman
    Duration: 14/5/2004 to 20/6/2005
    Position: Design manager
    Main duties
    Import of carpets and rugs for the domestic market
    Follow-up business correspondence
    Creating other varieties of carpets
    Design labels
    Participate in local and international exhibitions
    Composite carpeting

    Establishment :Arab weavers for carpets
    Location :Amman
    Duration: 15/7/1996 to 21/3/2004
    Position : Assistant manager design
    Main duties
    Designer carpets to the program texcelle from Dos to Windows
    Propaganda work for the company for television
    Logo Design group Kaloti
    Design of television advertising for the exhibition Marj Al Hamam
    Maintenance of company PCs Hardware and Software
    Productivity of the work programs and follow-up
    Monitor the quality
    Fix some computer problems Machines
    Planning and development of programs on the machine crm & crt &crx

    Establishment: kitchen & appliances trading co. ltd
    Location: Amman
    Duration: 1/11/1995 to 20/5/1996
    Position: Production and Designer
    Main duties
    - Design of the bedrooms, closets and kitchens
    - Implementation of the design in carpentry
    - use programs AutoCAD

    :Use the following programs in my work
    Corel draw
    all programs design

    Some of the Turkish

    Printer to computer
    Autocad 14 & 2000
    Maintenance computer hardware and software
    Corel draw
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe illustrator
    Fundamentals of management

    Other skills
    - Effective planning
    - Make decisions based on facts
    - Good to deal with computer software
    - Leadership and management skills are high
    - Ability to work under pressure
    - Coordination skills and the distribution of burdens
    - Forecasting skills and the power of observation
    - Work within a team
    - Diplomacy in dealing with the technicians
    - Discipline in the schedule
    - Concentration and logical thinking
    - High IQ
    - Good listening and understanding and awareness of attitudes and Consciously focus
    - Good-looking
    - The ability to cope with critical situations wisely

    ........ There is more

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