Relief Carpets

The high-low structures in the carpets woven on the Universal Cut&Loop Innovator UCi03 and the Universal Shaggy Cut&Loop Innovator USi03 as well as the tapestry rugs on TRi02 are very attractive.
Therefore, Van de Wiele also introduced relief effects, shadow and high-low effects on RCi02 and RCi03 Rug & Carpet Pioneer machines.
The Rug & Carpet Innovator RCi03 inserts 3 wefts at the same time, weaving the 3-shot structure with 50% more production.
By weaving with a pile frame in shrink yarns or in high twist, high low effects are obtained.
The dropped stitch technique imitates handcarving.
Chenille yarn on the middle rapier of the RCi03 combines cut pile and chenille flat weave effects woven with 50% more production.
The RCi02 equipped with rapier switch-off weaves 1/1V in combination with 1/2V & 1/4V resulting in shadow relief effects between the different pile density areas.
Cut pile and flat weave structures woven on RCi02 result also in relief effects.
Relief carpets are also possible on looppile machine LCi01 .